Edbonn Fireplace Inspections and Repair


We serve Marin, Sonoma & Napa counties. Since the 2000 Napa earthquake, we have inspected, repaired and rebuilt hundreds of fireplaces. As qualified fireplace inspectors, we strive to educate the public concerning earthquake safety through clear explanations of the inspection findings and offer repair options according to city and county codes resulting in a safe and attractive end product. Below are the services we offer:

Comprehensive fireplace inspections by a qualified representative followed by a detailed written report and proposal if required

Identify potential fire, earthquake and structural hazards. Determine how water may be getting in. Check hidden areas for potential sparks or flames that could ignite a fire and check proximity of wood headers to fire or sparks

Provide formal real estate and insurance reports and proposals as well as handouts describing corrective procedures

At no charge we conduct presentations for professionals with a focus on potential problem areas

Focus on earthquake preparedness and damage repair

All types of indoor fireplace building, rebuilds, repairs and retrofits conforming to local building codes.

We build Rumfords

Outdoor fireplace building, rebuilds and repairs including bbq’s and pizza/bread ovens in brick, stone or block

Masonry built to receive EPA approved inserts and wood stove installations

Safety taken seriously

Friendly, courteous and skilled workers

Prompt and affordable servic


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